• Our team, cat lovers, we think about how cats feel and what they like or don't like. That's why EarthOfCats.com, is dedicated to providing you and your beloved cats with cute & premium cat products. We all want to give the best products possible because we, cat lovers, think about how our cats feel and what they like and don't like.
  • Isn't it an amazing feeling to show people that you are a true cat lover and that your cat is part of your life? 
  • Our mission at Earth Of Cats is to help cats, that's why we donate part of our profits to animal shelters. You can select "cause" on the product page or cart page and we will donate to that organization...Your help matters! <3
  • This is me and my friend at our local animal shelter...we donated 3 cat beds, 1 soft blanket and 16 kg of food for cats!

"My cat inspired me to create Earth Of Cats"

  • Hey, cat lover! My name is Aleksandrs. I am a cat lover since the day I was born. My cutie Nika lived amazing 18 years with me! She inspired me to create Earth Of Cats - a store where every cat lover would feel secure to shop, the store where you are able to find cute products for yourself and your cat.
  • Now you know that this store is created by cat lover who cares about cats and also gives back...


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